Innovative renewable solutions

Instead of being mounted on ground-based frames, the panels are set on specially designed, air-filled floats, which are secured together to form a giant raft of solar PV panels. The lifespan of a floating solar farm is usually a minimum of 20 years, with the entire structure designed to withstand exposure to weather and water conditions.

Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs)

Floating solar farms allow utilities and businesses to benefit from what is essentially a floating power station, developed, constructed, connected and maintained at no cost to the utility or energy consumer. Electricity generated by the panels can be connected either directly into a power network or behind the meter to a customer, often at prices well below those offered by retail energy providers.

A long-term power purchase agreement (PPA) enables us to offer floating solar PV projects as fully-funded solutions, requiring no up-front capital investment from the utility or energy consumer.


Reservoir Floating Solar

In March 2016, Lightsource BP successfully completed and connected Europe’s largest floating solar farm. The 6.3MW installation sits on the…

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Benefits of floating solar:

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Reduce reservoir maintenance costs through decreased algae growth, evaporation, and erosion of embankments

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Reduce energy costs with no upfront capital required

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Achieve sustainability targets by sourcing clean, locally generated electricity

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Hedge against long-term power cost fluctuations by securing a fixed electricity rate

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Increase efficiency of PV production, due to water cooling effects and reflection

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Increase efficiency of land utilization by generating power on previously unused space

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Certified for use in drinking water reservoirs and resistant to UV and corrosion