A brand new way to power your business

The electricity landscape in Egypt is changing, and clean, renewable methods of sourcing electricity are now at the forefront of conversations. Carbon footprint reduction and cost cutting are now the hot topics and Egypt is catching on to the trend.

Rather than purchasing power via the government, you can now purchase directly from an energy generator, allowing you to secure lower prices over the long-term. Solar power is becoming an increasingly popular source of clean, renewable electricity in Egypt, and you can now harness the power of the sun to fulfil your organisation’s energy demands. The technology is simple, scalable, quick to deploy and competitively priced, as well as offering a green, sustainable alternative to fossil fuels.

Our solution offers you electricity at a discount from the government, with no cost or investment from you. We as Lightsource BP Powered by Hassan Allam Utilities cover the entirety of the investment cost.

How does it work?

A Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) allows you to purchase power directly from Lightsource BP Powered By Hassan Allam Utilities. Putting it simply it’s a contract where you commit to purchasing the power from one of our solar power projects.

The process is simple:

Procuring energy via a PPA guarantees you:

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Solar developed at no cost to you

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Fixed, long-term contracts

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Fixed discount, below market rates

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Clean, renewable energy for your business

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No disruption to day-to-day operations

How a solar PPA could work for you

We offer a range of solar Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs), suitable for any organisation with a large energy demand. PPAs are an increasingly popular method of securing energy for businesses, and we tailor our offering to suit your individual business needs:

Private Wire PPAs, where we will build a dedicated solar farm located on your site (land or rooftop) for your own power needs

Corporate PPAs, often called virtual or wheeled PPAs, which are constructed in an optimal location and connected to you via the EETC network


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