End-to-end solar solutions delivered for your business

As the cost of producing clean, locally sourced energy falls, Egyptian businesses of all sizes and sectors are increasingly able to source renewables like solar to power their operations. In many markets across the world, renewables have overtaken fossil fuels as the power source of choice in new capacity additions, and Egypt looks set to become the next country to join that trend.

Solar photovoltaics is now a financially prudent and sustainable option for businesses across Egypt. Lightsource BP Powered By Hassan Allam Utilities is uniquely positioned to be a full-service, long-term solar partner for corporate clients looking to benefit from solar. Our team of solar experts can offer businesses a full suite of development services, providing the client with a turnkey solar project, designed to the best international standards and with a full suite of project documents.

We have a long and impressive history of complex construction and renewable energy projects, so if you’re looking for a partner to plan, develop and deliver a solar installation for your business, Lightsource BP Powered By Hassan Allam Utilities should be your first choice. Our customer-focused approach can be tailored to your requirements.

  • Unparalleled
    experience in design, planning & development services
  • Industry-leading 
    construction management & delivery
  • Full scope
    lifecycle services to maximise energy saving and generate optimum returns for your business